Analysis of the latest Exodus press release (posted to their web site on most Fridays) is forthcoming.

In the meantime, some draft guidelines for comments posted to Ex-Gay Watch. I hope this will give visitors an indication of what types of comments I feel are most constructive.

1. XGW is primarily about ex-gays — their sexual orientations, therapies, politics, and impact on other people. Discussion for and against exgays is on-topic. One-sided antigay screeds are off-topic. Pro-gay discussion is only marginally on-topic; it should ideally relate to the various choices that mature and responsible exgays have available to them, and the discussion should remain aware that a decision in favor of sexual activity is not best for everyone.

2. I hope all of us will try harder to document our assertions with links to the source of each factoid. Simply linking to some organization’s home page is insufficient: A link should go directly to the page containing the specific fact being cited.

3. I discourage wisecracks and putdowns (both antigay and anti-exgay). Facts and observations are preferable. But I haven’t figured out how to enforce that. I want to be understanding, especially with people whose lives have been directly torn apart by specific exgay and antigay activists.

XGW is not intended to be an online free-for-all; over the long haul, its pages should reflect documented and balanced observations about the pros and many cons of the ex-gay movement.

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