From activist/author Wayne Besen’s column for this week:

Perhaps the left is guilty, as Neo-Puritans claim, of denying religion a more
prominent space in the public square. But the right is at greater fault for its
cavalier dismissal of legitimate concerns over religion’s unique combustibility
in the civic realm. Simply put, thousands of years of history show us that dogma
can be deadly.

Religion and secular society can happily coexist and prosper, as they
traditionally have in America. But this delicate balance can only succeed if
faiths are constructive, rather than destructive. A constructive faith makes
rules for which it expects its followers to abide. While it desires society to
share its views and moral standards, it has no interest in abusing civil law to
persecute nonbelievers.

A destructive belief system, on the other hand, aims for a hostile takeover
of civil law to coerce nonbelievers into living according to its harsh dictates.
It turns Godly humility into gleeful humiliation for those who hold different

Like piranhas, Besen argues, extremists are never satisfied until they vanquish the opposition.

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