From the New York Times, Nov. 9: Researchers say the religious right continues to suppress research into human sexuality. The research is aimed at reducing the incidence of abortion and sexually transmitted diseases. Focus on the Family is waging a related campaign against research and comprehensive sex education, timed to coincide with the new movie Kinsey.

One of Exodus official Randy Thomas’ favorite talk-radio hosts is Rush Limbaugh. Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group notes:

In a November 5 discussion with a high school English teacher about her
openly gay students, nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh
claimed that openly gay students are "trumpeting" their sexuality and
"inviting dissent." Limbaugh then appeared to equate openly gay high
school students with "militants in the gay community [who] are actually
asking for this fight, because they want to be confrontational."

Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture War notes that numerous social conservatives have been lying about Sen. Arlen Specter’s record on judicial appointments. I’ve noticed that, too: Family Research Council and Focus on the Family repeatedly claim, falsely, that Specter warned President Bush not to nominate pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. Bush has done nothing to stop the campaign of lies against Specter, leaving me to wonder whether Bush is really pro-life — as it happens, abortion rates fell under Clinton, and are rising under Bush. What else might Bush and his operatives be lying about?

David Batstone of the progressive evangelical magazine Sojourners comments on the moral values punditry.

While scattered pastors on the religious right are promoting a religious war against Islam and homosexuality, Baptist Peace Fellowship and Fellowship of Reconciliation are busy promoting nonviolence and human rights in the Middle East and Latin America.

According to, Jerry Falwell is relaunching the Moral Majority, this time calling it the "Faith and Values Coalition." The FVC narrowly defines morality as opposition to abortion and homosexuality, but the coalition’s leadership has a track record of theocratic ideology. Mathew
Staver, founder and general counsel of the Liberty Counsel, will serve as vice-chairman. Doomsday theologian and "Left Behind" author Tim LaHaye will serve as board chairman.

A local Republican Party chairman is seeking to shut down a pro-tolerance club in a Harrisonburg, Va., high school.

Blogger Hugo Schwyzer comments on progressive Christian moral values that affirm life.

Are we a Christian nation? Perhaps, but not in the manner that Roy Moore claims. The First Amendment Center explains, via Jon Rowe.



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