Focus on the Family chairman James Dobson threatened the United States with doomsday while campaigning for the re-election of George Bush. (Previous XGW coverage.)

According to the New York Times
(Nov. 4), the threats have not stopped despite the narrow Bush victory.

Dr. James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family and an
influential evangelical Protestant, said he had issued a warning to a
"White House operative" who called yesterday morning to thank him for
his help.

Dr. Dobson said he told the caller that many Christians
believed the country "on the verge of self-destruction" as it abandoned
traditional family roles. He argued that "through prayer and the
involvement of millions of evangelicals, and mainline Protestants and
Catholics, God has given us a reprieve."

"But I believe it is a
short reprieve," he continued, adding that conservatives now had four
years to pass an amendment banning same-sex marriage, to stop abortion
and embryonic stem-cell research, and most of all to remake the Supreme
Court. "I believe that the Bush administration now needs to be more
aggressive in pursuing those values, and if they don’t do it I believe
they will pay a price in four years," he said.

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