CNN reports that the FBI knows of six homosexuals reportedly murdered in 2003 because of their sexual orientation. The 1,200 hate crimes committed due to sexual orientation amount to about one-seventh of the total for the year.

The FBI counts are no doubt artificially low for all demographics, due to underreporting by victims and poor recordkeeping by authorities. Of 11,900 law enforcement agencies reporting, only about 16 percent reported hate crimes of any kind in their jurisdictions, according to CNN.

The category of hate crimes includes acts of intimidation, vandalism or property destruction, murder, assault, robbery, burglary, theft, and arson.

I think it’s reasonable to assume no one was killed because they are heterosexual or ex-gay. But still, considering how often ex-gays complain (in religious-right propaganda) of being victimized by unnamed gay bogeymen, I think it would be interesting to see whether any of them have really pursued such complaints through official channels that can be properly documented, monitored, and prosecuted.

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