Exgay testimonies have a way of circling the Internet. As they move around, they are re-dated and passed off as new.

Tim Wilkins’ web site explains (a bit poorly) how he loves homosexuals. Baptist Press republished this testimony Jan. 28, 2003, and an online pastors’ toolbox picked up the testimony from there.

PFOX republished the testimony, dating it April 17, 2004. And most recently, conservative Richard Mullenax copied the testimony from Baptist Press, redating it Nov. 9, 2004.

With all this republication occurring, presumably by permission, one might expect Wilkins to improve on the original product. Sadly, he does not.

Portraying himself as a nice guy, Wilkins describes gay people as discourteous, overtly rude, militant, or "puzzled" by antigay Christians who fall outside the "God Hates Fags" category. Wilkins dismisses the "counterfeit love found in homosexuality," offers no constructive reflections about gay people, and provides no trace of opposition to antigay discrimination.

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