At the social-conservative website, Warren Throckmorton editorializes against gay author/activist Wayne Besen.

Comments about Prof. Throckmorton’s criticisms began at XGW here but should continue here instead.

My own reaction: I’ve discussed the dispute over who founded Exodus before. It’s old news.

Analyzing Exodus founders tells us only part of the story — a half-truth, not the whole truth. For almost 30 years, many Exodus member ministers across North America have launched, operated and finally abandoned local ministries as they became ex-ex-gay. The ex-ex-gay movement is now comparable in size to the ex-gay movement, though the former is neither as well-organized nor as political and partisan as the ex-gay movement has become.

Besen discusses the short average lifespan of local exgay ministries in detail in his book, Anything But Straight.

(Hat tip: Scott)

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