On an experimental basis, I am opening a Yahoo group to discuss exgay and ex-exgay news, politics and science.

Join the XGW e-mail discussion group at Yahoo here.

Like the exexgayministry discussion at Yahoo, the Ex-Gay Watch discussion is for those who question the effectiveness and safety of some “ex-gay” ministries and therapies.

While the exexgayministry discussions address a variety of exgay-related topics, often from a Christian perspective, the XGW discussion list will focus on exgay current events, science claims, and standards of accountability.

Discussion is encouraged, but please respect others’ views and refrain from:

  • strawman argumentation,
  • unsubstantiated accusations,
  • posting of off-topic or copyrighted material, and
  • other violations of commonly accepted online etiquette.

I hope the discussion group will help improve the quality of XGW content, and encourage readers to distribute XGW analyses of exgay politics to people that may be interested.

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