Aggrieved-antigay-relatives group PFOX complains that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry

has been strangely quiet on the issue of equal treatment for former homosexuals. Said [executive director Regina] Griggs, “What about ex-gay rights? Does Kerry support equal access to the public forum for ex-gays? Does he support the inclusion of former homosexuals in the hate crimes bill that he would pass as President?”

PFOX says that in May it asked the Senate offices of John Kerry and John Edwards “to support a resolution on tolerance for ex-gays. Its proof: A photo of John Edwards posing with Jewish exgay activists.

PFOX offers no examples of “intolerance against ex-gays” or of government “favoring homosexuals over ex-gays.” The organization asserts, without any substantiation, that “gay activist groups” define “sexual orientation” to include only “gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, but not former homosexuals” — or, presumably, heterosexuals.

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