Does anyone else wonder whether the Democratic Party leadership might — through intent or apathy — be forfeiting the presidential election?

Kerry/Edwards have offered no details about his plans to:

  • repair the Bush foreign-policy catastrophe;
  • wage the war in Iraq differently;
  • improve our nonexistent port security;
  • prevent nuclear terrorism and proliferation;
  • utilize our European allies, who happen to have almost no armed forces;
  • slash the Bush deficit without slashing spending and Social Security; or
  • fix the broken and corrupt election systems in Florida and other states.

The Dems are airing no ads in several contested states. They are not defending Kerry’s Senate record or his once-strong positions on human rights and war crimes. They are not asking Americans whether they want Vice President Cheney in power with or without Bush acting as figurehead.

Like the GOP, the Dems hide behind buzzwords while offering no constructive plan for the nation.

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