On his personal blog, Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas defends Democrat Zell Miller, who spoke at the Republican National Convention in New York:

Zell is a good guy. I agree that he is angry…with very good reason. His party has been hijacked by people who aren’t concerned about democratic principles but their own agenda’s [sic]. They are the ones who have silenced dissent. So much so that one of their better leaders had to be given voice in the other party.

Unlike the Republican party where their line-up of speakers gave voice to all folks from moderates to conservative Christians.

Thomas’ support for Miller seems superficial and indirect. (Andrew Sullivan spells out alleged lies, self-contradictions and less-than-repentant racism in Miller’s speeches here, here, and here.)

Thomas wishes that Mary Cheney had been on stage with her family. It is unclear whether he feels the same way about Cheney’s partner.

Addendum, Sept. 8: I have met Thomas, and so have many other people. By most accounts, the man is quite friendly in person.

Nevertheless, courage and love are best expressed through word and deed, not just demeanor. His vague, blanket defenses of Zell Miller’s anger-run-amok and Robert Knight’s gloating are inconsistent with courage and love.

If anyone feels that this site’s concerns about Thomas are factually inaccurate, then I welcome feedback about that.

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