The Family Research Council takes issue with the American Psychological Association again over gay parents.

The FRC declines to link its readers to last week’s APA resolution on gay marriage and parenting, or to the APA position’s clinical underpinnings. (XGW found APA’s press release and resolution here.)

Instead of methodically researching and weighing the APA’s evidence, FRC counters it with two isolated factoids — distorting a study of lesbian parents (PDF file) in the process.

While arguably biased in the opposite direction,‘s analysis of same-sex parenting is more clinical and less political than FRC’s.

Focus on the Family’s analysis is also more thorough, acknowledging that little research on gay parenting has been done — but Focus goes astray with an apparently fringe psychotherapist who accuses the APA of seeking to destroy marriage and impose a bisexual free-for-all upon all of America.

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