Blogger Chuck Currie reprints yesterday’s press release from Sojourners for

How has the love of Jesus, the Prince of Peace – and his good news to the poor – been distorted by the pro-war, pro-rich political agenda of the Religious Right? Our faith has been hijacked, and it’s time to take it back!

Click below to sign our petition and send a message to America that God is not a Republican or a Democrat, and that the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor, and defenders of justice.

Sojourners is seeking donations to pay for a full-page ad in the New York Times. The ad effectively uses the Bible to challenge immorality, arrogance and greed among the religious right. But Rich Blinne, in comments here at XGW last week, noted that Sojourners’ “take back our faith” theme — borrowed from the religious right — risks offending moderate evangelicals.

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