Tommy Tomlinson of The Charlotte Observer (free subscription required) comments on Catholic bishops who pick and choose which Biblical moralities to uphold and which to ignore:

Bishops who single out the abortion strictly enforce sexual and reproductive morality. They then deny communion to abortion-tolerant politicians.

But moral issues such as economics, just war and criminal justice make these particular bishops uncomfortable; after all, upholding Biblical morality in these areas tends to offend conservatives. Instead of standing firm on moral principle, the bishops grant communion to (conservative) political candidates who violate Biblical and Catholic moral mandates.


In Texas, Bible Belt heterosexuals are developing easier ways to get divorced. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram; free sub required.)

And the state of Virginia is busy convicting a devout Mennonite who believes school buses should not be elevating flag and patriotism to the level of religion, thereby violating his Christian religious beliefs.

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