Here’s an old story, well-known among ex-gays for a long time now; not so well-known among gays.

Noe Gutierrez, a star of the safe-schools/pro-tolerance video “It’s Elementary,” is now ex-gay.

At his web site, Gutierrez says that upon coming out as ex-gay, the video’s producers were intolerant and narrow-minded:

I called Women’s Educational Media. I explained how my change had come about very ‘naturally’ and how I felt as though this change should be given the same recognition as my initial “coming out of the closet” (i.e. from straight to gay). I figured that if the aim of Women’s Educational Media was ‘respect for everyone’, why not add ‘ex-gay’s’ to that list??

The response from Women’s Educational Media was less than hospitable. Our request was for the use of less than 3 minutes of footage from ‘It’s Elementary’. We only wanted a clip to show that I WAS in fact involved with the pro-gay movement. We were denied our request. Not only were we denied it but my identity as ex-gay was not acknowledged. It seems Women’s Educational Media does not recognize ex-homosexuals. In other words… they don’t believe that I exist.

Now, it seems odd to me that a company so adamant about portraying acceptance and tolerance would be so dismissive of a person who chooses a lifestyle that is “post-gay.” This seems to say, ‘Gay is OK… Ex-Gay is NOT.’ Why would a company so opposed to prejudice and intolerance discriminate against those who choose to identify as ‘ex-gay’?

The fact is that the plight of pro-gay advocacy groups in the public school sector is NOT about equal access of information, but rather it is about the propagation of the myth that people who are gay identified have no choice outside of accepting and integrating their feelings of same-sex attraction into a full-blown identity. Because the ‘ex-gay’ denies that claim, we are seen as a direct threat to such groups. This mindset is biased and clearly defamatory to ex-gay men and women everywhere. It makes one statement: Ex-gays don’t exist.

It’s clear that Gutierrez has acquired some stereotypes, strawman arguments, and resentment toward his former colleagues and companions. Why, is not so clear.

Warren Throckmorton is one of the ex-gay movement’s leading voices for science these days, though he has few scientific credentials. One of Throckmorton’s CDs features Gutierrez and other ex-gays recruiting high school students. Throckmorton has written letters and op-eds like this one calling on pro-tolerance organizations to acknowledge that one of their own, well, isn’t.

More information (pro and con) about Noe Gutierrez and his falling-out with the pro-tolerance movement would be appreciated.

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