Patrick Connors is guest blogging at the Gay American blog.

Like XGW, he is becoming unhappy with John Kerry.

It is the will of the politicians — local and federal — that prevent us from having our Constitutional protections. We are allowing this discrimination to continue. It becomes even more legitimate when we let Kerry congratulate state after state for enshrining discrimination without responding. We are watching the country make LGBT Americans less than full citizens. This is similar to believing that slaves are to be counted as 3/5 of a man. This is taxation without representation. We pay into a Social Security system that will not recognize the death of our spouse. This is about families that cannot get their employer to provide medical insurance because they don’t count. Straight families pay less for insurance and taxes. What can Kerry do, when/if he is elected to repair the damage done this November when potentially 20 states total will have amendments to their constitutions denying us our rights? Does he even understand the impact this has on us?

I don’t know how to answer these questions, and Kerry is not giving us ANYTHING to go on. We can read between his lines, and search his speeches for subtext and hidden meaning, but it doesn’t mean a thing unless he actually says something.

One thing I am not doing is giving his campaign any money. I am not giving the HRC any more money. They support Kerry and are doing nothing to demand explanations from him.

I disagree only in that Kerry and the Democratic leadership have said something: They support state constitutional bans on gay marriage.

Go read the blog entry. And this one.

In both cases, the concluding remarks remind me of the need for Americans — not just gays and ex-gays — to stop waiting for politicians to lead; walk away from their TVs and computers; and become more active in cooperatively leading their communities and the nation. The politicians of the center (Kerry) and right (Bush) are following, not leading. And the leftist (Nader) is just a pawn of the rightist.

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