Time to follow up on Stephen Bennett’s plans to bring Bible gift bags to gay and lesbian families and their children in Provincetown Massachusetts this coming Saturday.

In May, we noted that Stephen Bennett Ministry’s (SBM’s) $50K fundraising target could have supported a ten-fold increase in participants (from 50 to 500) as well as in Bible gift bags (from 600 to 6,000) compared to a similar effort last year.

By early July, that the target had been halved, to $25K, and the outreach to be supported with the funds was beefed up:

According to SBM’s schedule, August is now “Massachusetts Month” and the Provincetown event on August 7 is a kick-off event for SBM’s “national evangelistic outreach” to the gay community, including “6 MAJOR evangelistic outreache[s] to the homosexual in the state of Massachusetts” which SBM says “we will be holding”.

We could find no corroborating information about any “major” outreach events at that time, though.

So, where do things stand now at T-minus 3 days?

  • The fundraising page says “SBM’s Goal is $25,000 – we are only $2,000 away from our goal!! Your financial help is greatly needed and appreciated!”
  • August 7th is now “SBM’s 2004 National Evangelistic One-Day Outreach,” and references to “Massachusetts Month” and the MAJOR evangelistic events no longer appear on the calendar.

There’s no word as to how many folks are planning to participate, whether the plans have materialized for “one of the state’s largest evangelistic outreaches in years” including “buses from all over New England … bringing Christians onto the Cape for a whirlwind one-day outreach.” With the funds supporting a single event instead of six, rough calculations would suggest the ministry has the capacity to bring 250 people and 3,000 Bible gift bags to P-Town.

Hopefully participants in this year’s event, remembering last year, will be cautious and respectful about any photo-taking.

I kinda wish I could be there. I’d ask as many of the evangelists as possible how they felt about hanging out among folks whose relationships were “a putrid stench in [God’s] nostrils.”

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