Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays is rallying support for U.S. House and Senate resolutions supporting tolerance for “former homosexuals and lesbians.”

The resolutions are no worse than the hundreds or thousands of other federal resolutions that support a cause but call for no change in policy — and therefore waste our lawmakers’ limited time.

The PFOX resolutions claim:

Whereas Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) has documented that ex-gays are subject to discrimination, harassment, censorship, and marginalization due to their choice to leave homosexuality;

One obvious question: Where, exactly, has PFOX “documented” this persecution, and why — if PFOX is a friend of gays, as the organization’s name indicates — does PFOX not acknowledge that “discrimination, harassment, censorship, and marginalization” occur against homosexuals and ex-ex-gays?

To be fair, PFOX has indeed had little success airing its antigay message in public school districts with tolerance education programs. On the other hand, PFOX has had no apparent difficulty in districts without such programs; I find no reports of anti-exgay “harassment”; and ex-gay marginalization seems to be mainly self-inflicted: PFOX, among other organizations, has declined to work cooperatively with its rivals in religion, government and education toward a goal of promoting mutual tolerance.

Another question: After all these years, why does PFOX know so little about homosexuality that it distinguishes between homosexuals and lesbians?

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