In late June, web site and the Gay Spirituality blog, Michigan psychotherapist Joe Kort offered his own lengthy clinical and personal assessment of reparative therapies.

Kort disputes 10 “myths” generally promoted by reparative therapists. While ex-gay programs differ, I think each program is likely to promote at least some of these myths. Most glaringly, the programs avoid the obvious reality that vast numbers of heterosexual youth suffer from the alleged causes of homosexuality — parental absence and sexual abuse — without turning gay.

Addendum: In May, Joe Kort discussed his personal and professional journey with Psychotherapy Networker.

Kort’s story is a winding road from struggling same-sex-attracted college student; through ex-gay therapy, which negatively impacted him and his parents; onward through a futile effort to re-closet himself; his initial struggles working with gay client-patients; and his efforts to overcome professionals’ opposition to gay-affirmative therapy.

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