Twenty-two-year-old D.C.-area blogger Ben at Scattered Words exemplifies the agreeable ex-gay Christian:

Someone who pursues an ex-gay sexual and spiritual path primarily because it’s right for him, and not because of any obvious desire to promote discrimination or impose one’s own lifestyle and political ideology upon everyone else.

Given that mature perspective, Ben’s affirmation of the intolerant, prejudiced, pushy, and frequently insulting Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas is puzzling. Ben’s general view of gay people as promiscuous bar hoppers is unsurprising, given his age and limited experience with gays — but that view is a bit narrow and unfair nevertheless.

Despite those shortcomings, Ben demonstrates that he can calmly address heavy and sometimes unjustified criticism while remaining focused on who he is, what he believes (or isn’t sure about), and where he is going.

I greatly respect that.

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