David Berkowitz murdered six people and severely injured others during a 1970s killing spree.

Now ex-gay movement marketer and underwriter Focus on the Family is marketing audiotape and CD recordings touting mass murderer Berkowitz’s conservative-Christian moral virtue — for a $9 “donation” per recording.

The Focus web site offers a “listen now” link where listeners might presumably listen to Berkowitz for free. But the link leads to a radio program archive where Berkowitz, at this writing, is nowhere to be found.

According to the New York Daily News, authorities will seize the proceeds from Focus and Berkowitz — if it is determined that either profited from the CDs.

Christianity Today defends Focus rhetorically, suggesting that the organization is profiting from Berkowitz no more than the media.

A factual defense, assessing the profit margin on the recordings, might have been more effective.

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