Ex-gay quote of the day, from Focus on the Family’s daily CitizenLink e-mail, regarding MTV’s new gay cable network:

Melissa Fryrear, gender issues analyst at Focus on the Family, said there are several problems with the creation of a gay-themed TV channel, not the least of which is the likelihood of it glorifying the homosexual lifestyle. Fryrear said that in these days of so-called “reality television,” when it comes to pro-gay programming, you’re not always seeing reality.

“I’m concerned at the misrepresentation of men and women living homosexually,” she said. “What I mean by that is that you often never see the reality of the pain and devastation that so many gays and lesbians experience — for instance, the devastation of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, or the high level of drug and alcohol use which is statistically found in this community.”

Besides falsely stating that homosexuals live one lifestyle, Fryrear also chose not to cite any real data on STDs or drug or alcohol use.

As for “often never” seeing pain and devastation: Obviously, Fryrear has “never” watched Queer As Folk on Showtime.

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