Ex-gay and antigay movement leaders see profit in the battle against marriage and civil unions for gay couples.

As Stephen Bennett sees the situation, one way to make money from cultural anger, fear, and hate is to host and sell CDs with the help of reactionary media outlets such as WorldNetDaily.

For a love offering of just $20, you can listen to the ex-gay activists that I’ve italicized below. The sales pitch for this CD calls the following culture warriors “America’s most respected and trusted leaders” :

Dr. D. James Kennedy – Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Chuck Colson – Prison Fellowship Ministries
Alan Sears – President, Alliance Defense Fund
Tony Perkins – President, Family Research Council
Gary Bauer – President, American Values
Robert Knight – Concerned Women for America – Director, Culture & Family Institute
Jan LaRue – Concerned Women for America – Chief Legal Counsel
Peter LaBarbera – President, Illinois Family Institute
Cliff Kincaid – Editor, Accuracy in Media Report – Washington, D.C.
Ron Crews – President, Massachusetts Family Institute
Maggie Gallagher – Syndicated Columnist & Author
Janet Parshall – Janet Parshall’s America
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi – National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality
Alan Chambers – Executive Director, Exodus International

Rev. Lou Sheldon – President, Traditional Values Coalition
Dr. John Diggs, MD – South Hadley, MA
Dr. Warren Throckmorton, PhD – Associate Professor of Psychology, Grove City College
Linda Harvey – President, Mission: America
Pastor D.L. Foster – Witness for the World, Atlanta, GA
Phil Burress – President, Citizens for Community Values
Scott Lively – Pro-Family Law Center, California
Tim Wildmon – President, American Family Association

Many thanks to Sharon B. for pointing XGW to the CD.

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