While the leadership of the Exodus International ex-gay network opposes dialogue that might lead to mutual understanding between gay and ex-gay people of faith, especially regarding marriage, other Christians support dialogue and are actively promoting it.

The Quakers, for example, are hosting “Peace Building Dialogues” this month — and inviting the online public to participate:

The American Friends Service Committee, putting Quaker values into action, invites you to join an online discussion about religion, law, and marriage rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
Is marriage a matter of faith or a matter of law?  Would a constitutional amendment defining marriage affect your own religious freedom in any way?  Have you talked about this issue in your own faith or spiritual community?
In our Peace Building Dialogues, ordinary people can add their voices to a discussion that has been dominated by the dynamics of polarization and sound-bite politics.
This two-week dialogue will begin the week of May 17. Register now or learn more.

Through these online dialogues, we hope people from many different faith and spiritual traditions can find ways to acknowledge our differences, affirm our commonly-held values, and continue to engage each other with respect and love.

Michael Gibson-Faith

I have signed up.

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