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GLAAD protests a segment of the Univision talk show “Casos de Familia” that aired March 25. GLAAD says:

The program was insensitive, unfair and unbalanced. During the taping, the hostess, Judith Grace, insulted the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community by making statements such as: “Would it be that all [homosexuals] have been abused, hence their sexual preference?” — and — “Let’s stop our relatives from touching/abusing our own children so they do not end up like this.”

GLAAD responds by asking people to tell the producers “that their sensationalistic and unscientific presentation of reparative therapy only serves to further harm and marginalize the LGBT Latina/o community.”

XGW is “glad” that GLAAD is not attempting to silence the producers. Instead, the campaign seeks to assign to the producers a responsibility for producing fair and balanced content.

But is it reasonable to expect every TV producer to demonstrate the same balance, or is it more appropriate for the overall content of network programming, by opinionated producers with different biases, to balance out?

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