A couple months ago, Focus on the Family exgay operative and Exodus chairman Mike Haley begged a gay-tolerant, largely Christian audience at Vanderbilt University for acceptance. He admitted that people can be gay and Christian, and said, “It is not a hateful message, we are not saying you don’t have a right to be gay.”

Unfortunately, a string of Focus articles published last week serves as a reminder of the organization’s inability to defend its paranoia rationally, to maintain a logically consistent message, and to convey love toward rival people of faith.

In Gay ‘Marriage’ Only the Beginning, Focus spends 800 words arguing, without a shred of evidence or cause-and-effect reasoning, that a vast conspiracy of overpaid gay Americans views marriage as a necessary stepping stone to a totalitarian takeover of the United States in which “God’s truth” is illegal. Focus assumes that gay couples are not only anti-Christian and anti-God, but implicitly racist. And Focus describes a Federal Marriage Amendment as the only hope for stopping the slippery slide to a godless totalitarian takeover of America.

In another article, discussed elsewhere at XGW, Focus argues that gay workers should not have the same health-benefit rights as other workers. And in yet another article, Focus protests that Minneapolis businesses should be allowed to use city taxpayer dollars to discriminate against their gay workers.

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