Gay author Jonathan Rauch is touring the nation to promote his new book, “Gay Marriage: Why It Is Good for Gays, Good for Straights, and Good for America.”

Christian Reconstructionist talk-radio king Bob Enyart interviewed Rauch on April 9.

Listen to the half-hour interview (MP3 file).

Always fair and even-tempered in real life, Rauch kept his cool on the radio show as well. Some of Enyart’s questions assumed, strangely, that heterosexuality is always moral, and he also seemed to presume that gay guests are not entitled to any privacy in their personal lives.

XGW, its primary author, and certain readers have periodically invited the Exodus ex-gay network since 1997 to challenge Enyart’s hate — and that of other antigay celebrities who embarrass the Christian faith with their vitriol.

Exodus has repeatedly declined the invitation. Randy Thomas, in particular, believes that to disagree publicly with a “Christian” extremist would wrongly suggest that Christians are “divided.”

(Thanks to two IGF colleagues for the links.)

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