Focus on the Family must be satisfied with what little scientific study has been done on gays and ex-gays.

What makes me say that? Well, Focus on the Family has been lobbying for the shutdown of federally funded and hosted research into sexual orientation. It has also sought recently to halt studies into the means and extent to which sexually transmitted diseases spread among high-risk populations, such as male truckers who have unsafe sex with other male truckers.

Here are some of the recent Focus on the Family public appeals to stop scientific research that might result in sexual knowledge, public education, and disease-prevention methods that extend beyond Focus’ abstinence-only prescription.

NIH Chief Defends Sex Studies, Feb. 2, 2004
Funding for Sex-Habits Studies to Proceed, July 14, 2003
Feds Fund Sexual Arousal Conference, June 25, 2003

Efforts to give people knowledge and choices in how to protect themselves seem to anger Focus on the Family. The abstinence-or-death rallying cry reflects poorly on James Dobson’s organization, which we are told is dedicated to Christian values such as compassion, mercy, and good health.

In response, the American Psychological Association is helping to circulate a petition by the Coalition to Protect Research. The petition seeks support among health-care professionals for research into sexual health, orientation, and disease prevention.

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