The spokesman for much of the ex-gay movement wants America’s workers to resent gay couples because, he says, they’re AIDS-infected and will cost their co-workers a fortune in health premiums.

In an April 16 article, Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ to Drive Up Health-Care Costs, Focus on the Family quotes Exodus International spokesman Randy Thomas:

Said Randy Thomas, of Exodus International: “The (health-care costs) of homosexual males and homosexual females, when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and other issues, run a lot higher in those communities.”

Thomas says to mandate “spousal” health coverage for those communities is to mandate higher bills for us all.

No one quoted in the article — not Focus, nor Exodus, nor FRC’s Tony Perkins — cites any studies to support their allegation that homosexual Americans overall have higher health costs. They simply assume, without evidence, that many or most homosexuals have AIDS. Then they assume, again without evidence, that people with HIV/AIDS are unemployed (or should be) and therefore must rely on a partner’s insurance benefits. Then they decide that all homosexuals should be set aside as a special class, deserving of special penalties, and charged high premiums for the actions of a few.

Baseless reasoning, harsh verdict, not an ounce of compassion — par for the course, for Focus on the Family. The boards of both Exodus and FRC are dominated by Focus operatives, and much of their marketing is performed by Focus operations such as “Love Won Out.”

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