David Morrison and Ron Belgau are members of Courage, a group of same-sex-attracted Roman Catholics who believe homosexual behavior is sinful and therefore choose to be celibate.

On Feb. 29, Morrison dissected the sloppy theology, stereotypes, and inhospitality of Barbara Kralis, a writer for Alan Keyes’ Renew America web site. Belgau joined in the discussion.

The pair’s reaction to Kralis is understandable: Kralis demands that celibate homosexuals be driven out of the priesthood, referring to them not by their humanity, but by their “stench.”

Morrison is far from perfect. For example, his December 2003 associations of same-gender sex with cannibalism struck some readers as illogical and deeply homophobic. And he frequently succumbs to generalizations of his own about unnamed, “self-described gay activists.”

Nevertheless, Morrison and Belgau show integrity in holding culture warriors accountable to their own professed standards of theological correctness and hospitality.

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