XGW participant Raj commented to Rich: “So do you really believe that your side wouldn’t do that elsewhere?”

I’m not sure what sides are being referred to. At Ex-Gay Watch, the sides that I see (or try to see) are not a “gay-friendly” side vs. an “antigay/exgay” side. Nor is this blog a manifesto against exgays who decide that celibacy is best for them but who also refrain from legislating everyone else’s relationships and religious beliefs. I’ve got no problem whatsoever with the “God wants celibacy for me” philosophy.

The sides that concern me are those who are respectful and tolerant of both gays and exgays, and those who are not.

The Exodus leadership have kept me busy covering their paranoia and intolerance toward gays, so I’ve invited other writers to eventually help cover a broader variety of exgay groups. For example, I know of a few exgay groups that are oriented toward personal growth — not passing laws against gays and nonconservatives — and those groups deserve recognition.

On this blog, I frequently ask exgays to document specific examples of gay activists who are intolerant of them. They decline to cite examples, however, instead repeating generalizations about all gays being intolerant.

I would like to be able to report that there are exgays seeking to restore the movement’s credibility by taking a stand against the anger, jealousy, resentment, paranoia, partisanship, and “revenge” (D.L. Foster’s phrase) of the current Exodus leadership, Stephen Bennett, PFOX, Foster and others.

While some exgays claim to be doing that secretly, behind the scenes, none has done so publicly — so there is nothing to report publicly. When exgays complain to me that this blog doesn’t show their good side, I ask them to show me the good side; I even opened the “Ex-Gays For Reform” blog for them to speak their minds.

The invitation for them to show cyberspace the good side — the tolerant side — in their own words, remains open.

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