Exodus executive director Alan Chambers spells out his opposition to adoption by gay people, as well as his preference that gay biological parents either give up custody or keep their same-sex attraction (and their life partner) a secret.

Chambers calls gay parents “selfish individuals” and says that “punishing homosexuals isn’t what this is all about–the whole world doesn’t revolve around you.”

Chambers concludes one message by saying, “Live your life, love who you want to love, do everything that is legally afforded to you but leave children out of it.”

But Chambers often strives, in his public statements, to minimize or eliminate what is legally afforded to people if they happen to be gay. Protection from harassment at work or school? He opposes protection when the harassment is based on sexual orientation. Receive partnership benefits from one’s state or federal employer? Chambers wants gay government employees excluded from that benefit, too. Get married in church? Chambers wants the government to pick and choose which churches’ marriages will be recognized. Have sex with one’s partner in the privacy of one’s home? Chambers supports sodomy laws to make that illegal.

Furthermore, he does not comment on where to “leave” the children unwanted by heterosexual couples. Subject them to life in government institutions? Long chains of foster homes? Or on the street as runaways?

Chambers’ accusation of selfishness serves to divide people and to inflame tempers, but it fails to inform — or to help otherwise unwanted children, and the people willing to sacrifice much of their own lives to raise those children.

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