While in Nashville for Focus on the Family’s “Love Won Out,” Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas took the time to lobby 25 state lawmakers:

I am going to share from the heart but I want to get across this one theme right out of the gate: When it comes to public policy regarding homosexuality say no to special rights or preferential empowerment but say yes to grass roots respect and equal enforcement of current law.

After describing being attacked as a teen-ager by gaybashers, and then mocked by homophobic police, Thomas dismisses the denial of his civil rights. He says he could never compare the police abuse to the suffering of women and blacks. Thomas believes that gays 15 years ago wanted “tolerance”, but he has redefined “tolerance” to mean “being discriminated against and treated unequally, but according to the law, not in violation of it.” Then Thomas declares that in the 15 years since then, homosexual activist leaders (whom he declines to identify) have sought to seize power and silence all dissent.

I say this because 15 years ago you did have a terrible problem with homophobia, I experienced it up close and personal. Although those officers did not strip me of civil rights they did dehumanize me by not equally enforcing the law. Authorities should be held accountable for enforcing existing laws fairly to all people, not creating new laws that punish the same crimes with different severity because of politically correct trends. Do not shrink away from the crimes of the past but don’t water down true civil rights to give preferential empowerment to a few.

Thomas makes a distinction between the enforcement of equitable civil law (which he opposes) and the enforcement of criminal law — which he supports. Then he declines to specify a single example of how gays are now being granted “preferential empowerment.”

Looking beyond Thomas’ ignorance of law, Thomas’ underlying intent is apparent. When he promotes “tolerance” and “respect,” he is not promoting equality for heterosexuals and homosexuals under the law. Nor is he discouraging discrimination.

He is merely discouraging police brutality.

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