In his first action since banning and erasing all comments on his blog, Exodus executive director Alan Chambers wrote an open letter to ABC on Feb. 17.

He says he is “outraged” that ABC News subjected him, his wife and kids to the sight of married gay couples kissing. He considers kissing “Rated R” and concludes:

If ABC World News Tonight is going to be a program that exposes children to things that they don’t need to know about, needs an R rating and promotes controversial (at very best) sexuality on it’s show then maybe you should move it to a midnight time slot.

While most gays are tolerant (albeit annoyed) when the media provide equal time to exgay and antigay voices, it appears that Chambers not only believes gay people are something that kids “don’t need to know about,” he also wants real gay Americans omitted from the nightly news and rendered nearly invisible — wedged, no doubt, in between the overnight “Girls Gone Wild” commercials taped in Chambers’ home state of Florida.

To me as a gay person, Chambers’ comment about gay kissing appears to show remarkable contempt for gay people, their faith, their commitment, and their high moral standards.

Just days earlier, in a blog entry comment that he subsequently deleted, Chambers said, “Live your life, love who you want to love, do everything that is legally afforded to you but leave children out of it.” What he apparently really meant was, “Live your lives out of sight from antigay Americans — and think twice about that, when we re-enact sodomy laws.”

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