The boxes are unpacked in D.C., and two very helpful Comcast representatives finally connected us to the ‘Net today, after the company bureaucracy had spent three weeks stalling.

Special thanks go to Jason for swiftly reporting recent attacks on XGW by a hacker-pornographer — one of those sleaze merchants who posts a comment that causes your browser to redirect to ghastly nekkid photographs when all you wanted to see was the undersexed and artless pages of XGW.

I asked Six Apart (maker of MovableType and host of TypePad blogs, including XGW) if we could ban the range of Internet addresses used by the hacker’s Russian ISP. S.A. responded that work is underway on something to help block comment-spammers, but — nyet — for the time being, we cannot lock out sexually overdeveloped nations run by unregulated capitalist oligarchs.

Porn redirects notwithstanding, I will resume posting this weekend. I’ll be gradually refocusing on the ex-gay studies of Shidlo, Spitzer, and other science analysts. I have also invited two additional people to begin writing for XGW, and I will be bringing them up to speed shortly. My invitation to pro-reform ex-gays still stands — if you are interested in writing about political and ethical reform in the ex-gay movement, the door here is open.

Since I’ll be focusing a bit more on the experts, less on the potential scam artists, readers should feel free to pick up the slack with civilly expressed thoughts about the weekly activities of Exodus officials or other ex-gay activists. If you have something to say, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. I’ll be happy to start a discussion for you.

— Mike
— (that’s Mikhail to you Russian spammers)

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