In an interview with Human Events, Sandy Rios of Concerned Women for America maps out the organization’s strategy on gay marriage.

Specifically, CWA believes the Federal Marriage Amendment to ban gay marriages in every state is too weak, because the antigay Alliance for Marriage was able to market FMA as if it allowed civil unions. Alliance for Marriage did this even though one of the writers of the amendment language, a Professor Robert George of Princeton University, specifically crafted FMA to ban civil unions and domestic partnerships forever in every state.

Rios claims not to be confident that FMA can pass in this Congress. Her organization’s strategy, then:

  • Pass legislation barring federal courts from ordering one state to recognize another state’s civil unions
  • Empower louder, more extreme antigay activists at the grassroots level
  • Replace “our weaker brothers” in public office who are unwilling to legislate against homosexuals

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