A followup on two XGW messages on AIDS earlier this week.

Focus on the Family asserted on Tuesday that homosexuals should fight HIV/AIDS through abstinence alone. Focus frowns on the use of condoms as a fallback when abstinence fails.

In “Gay Group Admits AIDS Culpability: Homosexual community grapples with consequences of lifestyle,” Focus on the Family misidentifies the Seattle task force as a “gay group” (it isn’t) and misquotes the lead researcher, paraphrasing Quinten Welch as saying AIDS is the result of “the dangers of the [homosexual] lifestyle.”

Focus on the Family avoids telling its readers where to find the actual report, so XGW looked for it; it’s here. It blames specific behaviors and mindsets, not a homosexual lifestyle.

While I’m on the subject of AIDS: Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas offers personal reflections on World AIDS Day.

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