From The Spectator, Seattle University, Dec. 4:

“Straight” uses humor to express views

“Straight” is the name of a one-man comedy written and played by David Schmader. The play examines conversion therapy.

Schmader made fun of views of religions and individuals that most would consider to be misguided. This play, however, did not attempt to attack these views but rather wanted to find meaning in them. In order to find meaning in issues such as accepting homosexuality, Schmader portrayed all the characters in positive ways, when it would have been easy to show them as ignorant and biased. …

The stand-up comedy that was thrown in the midst of the essay-style monologue helped Schmader make the point that tolerance of the majority is just as important as the majority’s respect for the minority.

Although it would have been easy to attack the people who are critical of homosexuality, Schmader decided that he would be compassionate and “be the grown-up.” He wants to lead by example; the other sides—the uncompassionate and prejudiced — will hopefully follow if they are not alienated.

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