Exodus International spokesman Randy Thomas accuses homosexuals of exploiting children.

Specifically, he says Rosie O’Donnell is exploiting children by helping the bullied gay youths at New York City’s predominantly (but not exclusively) gay Harvey Milk High School. Press reports like this one have not explained the purpose of the room, so Thomas assumes the worst. He also asserts that the school, which hosts a small fraction of the city’s gay-youth population, is “segregated.”

In the case of the Lafayette, La., child who was reprimanded by his school because his mother is lesbian, Thomas criticizes the reprimand but then says the public must “try to preserve (children’s) innocence as much as possible.” Does this mean that the boy and his mother should still be discouraged from telling his peers about his family — in other words, that the young boy should be condemned by Exodus to live in the closet along with his parents? Thomas avoids addressing this obvious question.

Who is really exploiting children to score a shallow political point?

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