The columns are too narrow, the text is too small, the colors are all wrong, the writers are too friendly to ex-gays… These are just a few of the suggestions we hear. (To be fair, most of the feedback is positive, but that’s not the point of this message.)

Here’s your chance to pick the colors, fonts, and layout of the blog. Submit your comments, including links to blogs whose design you do like. Keep in mind that any designs should be viewable by folks with visual impairments such as colorblindness.

Also let us know how you feel about adding more variety in the writers. While I can become exasperated at times, Steve and I are more moderate than most writers about ex-gay politics. What would you think if XGW writers included anti-exgay activists and gay-tolerant exgays (should any exist)?

XGW is busy moving back to Washington, D.C., at the moment, so please be patient as we put the changes into effect and struggle to stay up-to-date with ex-gay political news.

And as always, thank you for your support.

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