The Tuesday night episode was about the murder of an ex-ex-gay man.

It eventually became apparent that one suspect was a reparative therapist of the Charles Socarides or Paul Cameron variety — and another suspect was the therapist’s closeted ex-gay son.

I thought the show navigated family dynamics, “gay panic” issues, and the torment of a young ex-gay man with some thought and sophistication.

Ex-gays won’t be a bit happy seeing one of their scientists cast as a quack and potential killer, and one of their ex-gays as someone who finds salvation by becoming ex-ex-gay. I can’t say I blame them — aren’t gays upset when AIDS activists are portrayed as homicidal quacks?

One solution, of course, would be for the ex-gay rank-and-file to clean up a few of their leaders’ quackery and emotional abuse — factors that make the episode marginally plausible.

Will TV audiences feel informed by this episode — or preached at by Hollywood?

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