Pro-Family Network is a Dayton, Ohio-based project of ex-gay activist Gregory Quinlan, who periodically uses to promote antigay political measures. collects $1.95 for each fax sent by an individual to lawmakers — and $3,000 from organizations having a petition hosted by

The following e-mail was distributed today by Quinlan. People who sign the petition are automatically signed up to receive political propaganda from William J. Murray’s Religious Freedom Coalition, which is cosponsoring the petition with Quinlan.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:36:02 -0500
From: Gregory Quinlan
Subject: Defend marriage against Massachusetts court ruling!

Dear Conservative Friend:

The God-ordained institution of marriage just suffered the most tragic and ominous blow yet at the hands of the well-organized and well-funded homosexual movement. On Nov. 18 the Supreme Judicial Court of
Massachusetts struck at the heart of the traditional family by ruling the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, thus deciding homosexual couples should be allowed to apply for marriage licenses.

Without your help, the truth of marriage likely will succumb and be twisted out of recognition by unelected judges. Please go to to see what is at stake. Here’s the address.

As a former homosexual, I can honestly tell you there is no need to change the definition of marriage, because homosexuals can change. Tens of thousands have made that choice, and many are now married with families, like me.

The essence of the pro-homosexual argument is the claim they cannot change, that they were born homosexual, that nothing can be done. So the whole world — including marriage — must change.

That just isn’t true! Homosexuality is a clinical developmental gender identity disorder. There is quantitative scientific research on the subject and thousands of individual case studies that prove a person
with homosexual ideations can and have changed through clinical therapy and counseling.

There is no biological evidence, not one repeatable study, not a single genetic test that gives any validity to homosexual behavior as a “born” trait. No one is born Gay, no one! Homosexuality is an emotional disorder, a pathology that can be and has been effectively changed when a person is highly motivated.

And these transformed lives are living proof homosexuals are selling America a lie! Help keep the public from buying it.

While it looms that every other state may soon have to honor Massachusetts’ homosexual partnerships as legal marriages due to the Full Faith and Credit clause of the U.S. Constitution, all is not lost! President George W. Bush is ready to fight for the traditional definition of marriage as one man and one woman. And a powerful coalition of Christian and conservative leaders have joined forces across our nation seeking to wage war against those who would pervert the sacred institution of marriage.

Your help is needed! If you haven’t already, sign a petition calling on your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative to pass a strong amendment of the U.S. Constitution that will safely protect the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman. If you already have signed, then alert everyone you know.

We must be resolute in this effort, because such a struggle will take seven or more years to successfully accomplish, as co-sponsor William J. Murray cautions. Therefore, we must additionally call on our congressmen to pass whatever other legislation is needed in the mean time to protect marriage until the constitutional amendment is in place. Here is where to make your stand.

As President Bush recently stated: “Marriage is a sacred institution, and its protection is essential to the continued strength of our society. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and my Administration is working to support the institution of marriage by helping couples build successful marriages and be good parents.”

Don’t change marriage for homosexuals. Help homosexuals change for marriage. Meanwhile, until America realizes the truth about homosexuality, let’s redouble our efforts to defend marriage.

Gregory Quinlan
Pro-Family Network

P.S. With so much at stake, let’s do whatever it takes to make America fully aware of this crucial issue — especially about the ability for homosexuals to change. Please get everyone you know to come to and make their stand for God-ordained marriage. Here again is where to act.

[Text of petition from]

To my two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative:
(with a copy to President George W. Bush)

Traditional marriage between a man and woman is the God-ordained building block of the family and bedrock of a civil society. Therefore, I urge your support of a federal marriage amendment to protect traditional marriage between one woman and one man.

I call on you to protect this definition of marriage against a determined onslaught that would twist it out of recognition. Act to counter the judicial tyranny that seeks to destroy holy matrimony. Stand against the drive to have America consider and honor homosexual unions the same as traditional marriages.

Support and pass a strong amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will safely protect the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman. What’s more, support and pass whatever additional legislation is needed to protect marriage until the constitutional amendment is in place.

I thus am counting on you to do the will of the American people and support whatever it takes to guard the sanctity of God-ordained marriage. And Marriage Protection Week, Oct. 12-18, is a great opportunity for you to help speed this effort toward success.

Make no mistake: Marriage will be a defining issue in the coming election year. Pro-marriage sentiment has been rising in response to homosexual activists’ attempts to pervert the definition, and recent polls indicate most Americans support efforts to protect the traditional and biblical concept of marriage.

Will you stand with the vast majority of Americans? Will you sign a pledge to uphold traditional marriage and oppose civil unions and domestic partnerships? Then say so now. Or do you favor the destruction of society’s premiere institution?

We voters watchfully await your answer.

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