The ex-gay group PFOX may no longer be able to post ads for free in the Washington, D.C., subway system.

One of the city’s gay newspapers reports that Metro may stop giving free ad space to non-profit groups. The policy change was prompted by the transit system’s budget deficit and by controversy generated by ex-gay, pro-marijuana, and Catholic pro-condom ads.

Two D.C. gay-rights groups — the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance and PFLAG of D.C.oppose the ad ban, saying that banning nonprofit ads does more harm than good.

GLAA’s Rick Rosendall:

“We of all people have nothing to fear from an open and robust debate, because we have been winning these debates for many years,” Rosendall said. “It’s only when there’s hysteria mongering that goes unresponded to, that we get into serious trouble.”

An earlier newspaper article also reported on Rosendall’s defense of the right to post ex-gay ads. At the Yahoo Ex Gay Discussion Board, a PFOX operative posted a copy of that article with the subject line, Gays Bash Ex-Gays. Go figure.

Rosendall writes from a libertarian perspective at IGF.

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