Focus on the Family will be conducting an ex-gay political rally in Oklahoma City on Oct. 25.

Focus has heard that gay-tolerant counterprotesters will be stationed outside the rally.

Exodus chairman and Focus antigay issues manager Mike Haley doesn’t know who exactly those protesters will be, or what they’ll say… in fact, searches of Google and the Daily Oklahoman metro newspaper find no formal counterprotests. (Yes, I searched the fee-based archives.)

But Mr. Haley blasts the unidentified gay activists anyway.

“The opposition being displayed by gay activists in Oklahoma City is really quite indicative of the myopic application of tolerance being displayed by liberal activist groups nationwide,” said Mike Haley, a former homosexual and Love Won Out conference host.

Instead of substantiating his fears about Oklahoma City, Mr. Haley changes the subject and criticizes an unrelated gay group, GLAAD, which recently protested antigay bias on the often-tasteless and irrelevant CNN show Larry King Live.

“Thousands of men and women know firsthand that there is a way out of unwanted homosexuality,” Haley continued. “Attempting to silence and discredit us displays a cruel disregard for individual, civil and human rights and attempts to deny us our right to choose not to be gay.

“It’s quite hypocritical for organizations like GLAAD to continue to call for the silencing of opposing viewpoints while demanding acceptance of their own.”

Small problem: GLAAD is calling for equal time, not censorship of ex-gays.

“Gay activists continue to force-feed their message to our culture while attempting to silence any opposing viewpoint,” Haley concluded. “But people continue to hunger for the truth, and our hope is that October 25 will be a day of hope and healing for them.”

So long as they lack any substantiation, Mr. Haley’s accusations carry a tone of desperation and insecurity, not hope and healing.

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