Family Policy Network, known for its ex-gay theme-park flyover campaign during Gay Days last summer, is again seeking headlines.

FPN criticized Virginia Attorney General (and conservative Christian) Jerry Kilgore this week for declaring that he would not discriminate in hiring based on sexual orientation.

From The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk:

Joe Glover, president of the Bedford County-based Family Policy Network, chastised the attorney general this week on a Christian Web site,, saying Kilgore’s actions leave Christians “scratching their heads,” wondering when Kilgore’s “conservative Christian nature … is going to come out.” …

In an interview, Glover said Kilgore should not have loaned his name to “a political public-relations campaign by homosexual activists.”

The FPN appears to be confused. After all, the political public-relations campaign in this story is originating from — you’ve got it — FPN.

“It’s a matter of trying to please two totally different groups of people,” Glover said.

Then it sounds like, in this particular case, the Virginia attorney general is doing his job.

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