A quick reflection:

A while back on XGW, Exodus spokesman Randy Thomas objected to the expectation that Exodus should publicly criticize its political allies when they threaten or lie about gays and ex-gays.

Mr. Thomas’ point was that Christians are already infamous for bashing one another, and he did not wish to contribute to that.

Unfortunately, he overlooked a very basic fact:

Exodus is publicly blasting Christians — gay-tolerant ones — all the time. And it is defending allies such as Concerned Women for America and the Traditional Values Coalition, which are arguably among the most un-Christian organizations in America. Certainly the latter two organizations’ lies and threats about their enemies make them far less Christian than moderate, apolitical, gay-tolerant organizations such as Dignity, the Metropolitan Community Churches, the Interfaith Working Group, or the majority of the Episcopal Church.

So my question is, Why is Exodus eager to blast fellow Christians in public and to condone hatred — against both gays and ex-gays — among its political allies?

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