365Gay.com reports a bomb scare at a Lutheran school near Cleveland. It was evacuated after a caller threatened to blow up the school unless the pastor announced on TV that he supported gay marriage. No bomb was found.

A parent, understandably shaken but making a misguided generalization, spoke afterward:

“It’s a shame that if someone has a disagreement on doctrine, that they wouldn’t be more tolerant,” Linda Krecic, parent, says. “They would want tolerance on their end, and to threaten children is just unthinkable.”

Of course, she is right – terrorism, including threatening children, is unthinkable. But the “they” who work for tolerance and civil rights for glbt folks deplore terrorism, in the same fashion that pro-life Christians deplore murder.

My heart goes out to you, Ms. Krecic. I’m so glad your child is safe. Perhaps we can all pull together to make the world a safer place.

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