Exodus chairman and ex-gay activist Mike Haley runs the antigay politics division of Focus on the Family.

Today, Focus reminded its CitizenLink newsletter readers that Focus and its Christian Right allies are the sole defenders of marriage.

Focus notes that an antigay coalition presumes to “educate the public about the societal benefits of marriage and the liberal-led attacks to redefine it” during Marriage Protection Week, Oct. 12-19.

But the public already appreciates the societal benefits of marriage, perhaps more so than Focus on the Family. And it is not “liberals,” “conservatives” or homosexuals who have undermined or redefined marriage, either now or numerous other times in the past several centuries.

The coalition misstates both the goal and the effect of the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, which would permit conservative judges to undemocratically abolish domestic partnerships in every state and make it difficult for private companies to provide any benefits to the unmarried partners or extended family members of employees.

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission within the Southern Baptist Convention, is quoted mocking the Christian marriages of gays performed in tolerant churches and in Canada. He also ridicules the “activist judges” who uphold freedom of religion for all (not merely for the Christian Right).

“I really believe this is the poster-child issue for whether or not we can turn back the tide of neo-paganism
in this country,” Land said. “The only way that we’re going to be able to stop that is through a Federal
Marriage Amendment.”

Land once again falsely equates expressions of marriage, other than Christian Rightist ones, with an undefined and undocumented “neo-paganism.” Even if such a thing existed, it is apparent Land does not respect the faith’s Constitutional right to co-exist with all of America’s other faiths.

One wonders why Exodus chairman Mike Haley participates in such mockery of Americans, their faiths, and their families. Whatever the reason, it is not merely a desire to lovingly and truthfully encourage homosexuals to become heterosexual.

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