Several people have told me that I’ve been overgeneralizing about ex-gay ministries lately.

I believe they are right. This blog works best, I believe, when it sticks to the facts, good and bad, about different ex-gay ministries. And I’ll make a concerted effort to do that. Not just for accuracy, but because it’s impossible for one person to keep up with the all the propaganda pouring out of the religious right these days — and difficult to read all the venom of the culture wars while maintaining one’s own sanity.

Current Exodus national leadership has connections, well documented here and elsewhere, to the religious right and to pro-discrimination causes. And Exodus national leadership’s own public statements, again well-documented, are loaded with misunderstandings and mischaracterizations of same-sex-attracted people.

Here’s a key question that I’ve been asking myself again lately:

Is it fair for gay rights proponents and ex-ex-gays to pass blanket judgment against seemingly apolitical Exodus member ministries in cities across the nation, based on those ministries’ support for the national office, year in and year out?

Is that judgment a form of overgeneralization, or is it simply holding ministries accountable for their affiliations and choices for leadership? How might gays make appropriate distinctions among ex-gay ministries and their direct or indirect political activities?

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