I received a press release, not posted online, issued by Coral Ridge Ministries. It was forwarded to me by Wayne Besen. Here is the full text:

The recent moral failure of Michael Johnston — for which he has reportedly repented — is a great disappointment to all of us who know Michael and regard him warmly as a friend and Christian brother. We are praying for Michael and heartened that he is seeking restoration.

The lapse of one Christian into sin of whatever kind does not negate the wonderful truth that Jesus Christ offers freedom from sin-including the sin of homosexuality. Nearly 2000 years ago, Paul told Christians in Corinth — a Greek city synonymous with sexual license — that fornicators, adulterers, and homosexuals would not enter the kingdom of God. But then, and this is the point, he added, “And such were some of you.”

For two millennia, men and women have found liberation from sin of all sorts through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This episode in Michael’s life — as regrettable and, no doubt, painful for Michael as it is — is only more evidence why all of us sinners need a Savior.

That is the entirety of the CRM press release. It is a bit disconcerting that a major national religious organization says a man has “repented” and is “seeking restoration,” when the man has not so much as uttered a “no comment” and has done absolutely nothing to alert or assist the men he may have infected with HIV.

In less politically motivated circles, Christian morality and true repentance require acts of public accountability, including a good-faith effort to remedy the harm done by one’s sins.

CRM’s press release buries Christian morality in an exercise of self-absorption. CRM is so pre-occupied with one sinner’s internal, narcissistic soul-searching that the sinner, a political ally, is never called forward to repair the damage he has done.

That is not true spiritual redemption or restoration.

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